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Job Description: 3D Rendered Interior Walkthrough Animation

We are seeking a skilled and talented 3D Animator to create a visually stunning interior walkthrough animation for a duration of 1 minute. The animation will involve adjusting and continuing the modeling of a basic 3D Max file based on provided CAD drawings. The final output should have a resolution of 1280*720P.


Utilize 3D Max software to create a captivating interior walkthrough animation based on the provided CAD drawings.
Adjust and enhance the existing 3D Max file to achieve the desired visual effects.
Ensure the animation accurately represents the design and ambiance of the interior space.
Pay attention to details such as lighting, textures, and camera movements to create a realistic and immersive experience.
Collaborate with the project team to understand the specific requirements and objectives of the animation.
Make necessary revisions and modifications based on feedback and ensure timely delivery of the final animation.


Budget: $3,000

Posted On: June 16, 2023 11:58 UTC
Category: 3D Modeling & Rendering
Skills:Autodesk 3ds Max, High-Quality Rendering, 3D Walkthrough Animation
Country: United Arab Emirates

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