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I am searching for 3D modeling artist I’m in the process of creating an animated short film and I will need someone to model some of my characters

If you ever accept I will tell you more about it

and also the project is already launch the short film take place in New Orleans and there is already a photographer working on it I got in contact with a lot of people but I’m still looking for animators if you ever don’t accept
don’t you know any who would be interested?

Contact me here if you want participate as the 3D modeler of the short film or if you have questions or anything else👇
My insta : luka_lorenzo_lehmann

I also specify that you will not be paid immediately but you will be paid at the end of the short film if I manage to sell it to large groups who will want to buy it

Luka Lehmann

Posted On: June 24, 2023 14:00 UTC
Category: 3D Modeling & Rendering
Skills:3D Modeling, 3D Design
Country: France

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