CAD Sketch Up Designer for Model Building – Upwork

We design Cinema rooms in SketchUp and need new Furniture and products components required within the project.  

We have images and white papers (dimension specs) for products and furniture to be built to scale and style.

The finer details inside the item will need to be interpreted from the photo – most important is the overall scale of the item so we can accurately place into the project model.

Items are speakers, Amps, projector, screens and Lounges

Lounges will be the most tricky as these have many curves and angles, other items simple boxes.

Examples attached >>
Speaker (inc Spec sheet the model was built from)
Electronics device (Outside measurement only with product Photo Image of front/rear)

Keen to send one of each over for trial run and allow a chance to quote a basic rate for each style of design.

Have about 10x lounges, 20 x speakers and  20x electronics to do now.

then have 5-10 x builds required every month or so as to get new work/products come in.

So far most of our models are Monotone / basic colours.

We aim to start creating venders of the work and would like these items to inc the right textures/colours for a V-ray style of render.

It's possible we will look to outscored rendering also. this is a mother step we are yet to take.

Posted On: June 05, 2020 00:57 UTC
Category: CAD
Skills:SketchUp, 3D drawing, 3D CAD Design, 3D Rendering
Country: Australia

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