CAD Structural Design, Balcony 2 Story – Upwork

Need CAD and structural design for a 2 story balcony deck.
Bottom story: 12'x16' deck, 2x external stairs, 16'x17' hexagon open deck with intermediate deck stairs
Top story: 12'x16' deck, closed

Decking material: Tanzite Appalachian Silver Maple, 4'x6" stone planks
Railing Material: 2" square brushed stainless, exterior mount with through bolts, 1/8" stainless cable, stainless railing top, see for example, Alibaba supplier:

External Stair from Bottom Deck: 48"x4 treads
External Stair from hexagon open deck: 48" x 3 treads
Corner Posts: 2x 6×6" Cedar, 16' spacing
New Posts:  2x 6×6" Cedar, 16' spacing, adjacent to house wall

Top Story Constraints:
Existing rafters going into house masonry must be retained, eg supported during rebuild.
2x 2×12"x12' on edges (4 in total)
11x2x8" x 12' rafters spaced at 18" apart
Need to add rafters on Corner Posts and New Posts at 24" spacing to support staggered Tanzite flooring installation
Need to add bridge blocks on top and bottom decks at 4' and 8' from house wall between each rafter spacing.
Need to design support brackets, 1/8" steel, for 6×6 post, to attach 2x2x12 edge rafters, and 16' cross beam (2x2x8" x16'), with through hole bolt mount, need 4x support brackets for upper and lower deck.
4x 6×6" posts support for concrete footing in IMG_0510.jpg, through hole bolt mount, standing upside down, 24" rebar facing up

1. CAD of new deck and railing design for installer
2. Generate deck flooring drawings for Tanzite deck flooring vendor, add 10% reserve
3. Generate railing plan drawings for railing vendor (posts and railing only, 3x stairs), add 15% reserve
4. Option with top roof, extending 3' over deck edges on 3 sides, sealed to house roof on one edge

Hourly Range: $8.00-$20.00
Posted On: August 19, 2023 04:08 UTC
Category: CAD
Skills:Autodesk AutoCAD, Architectural Design, CAD, 3D Design, Architectural Rendering
Country: United States

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