Create a complete set of plans for a small 500 to 600 square foot house – Upwork

Create a set of plans to build a small approximately 500 to 600 square foot home.

Finished work to be provided in CAD and PDF formats.

Plans should scale print out to 11 inches X 17 inches.

All measurements should be in United States standard Imperial feet and inches, Not metric.

I will provide a rough drawing of the desired floor plan and photos of existing homes to model specific designs.

I will own the rights to the completed plans.

Plans should be free from copyright with no notice or stamp of copyright.

No architect or engineer stamp is required.

I would like you to complete the work in stages and send to me for review in case there are any changes.

Foundation plan

Details on foundation and footings.

Exterior elevations from all sides

The left elevation shows the exteriors side of the house on the kitchen side. It is a rendering of what the exterior should look like including roof pitch and deck location.

Roof plan

The roof plan shows placement of a 2X10 ridge and 2X6 rafters for the house and deck.

X axis transverse plan

The X axis plan shows the house cut in half from the front view. It details foundation placement and anchor bolts, sub-floor and floor, exterior studs, ceiling joists and rafters and insulation.

Y axis transverse plan

The Y axis plan shows the house cut in half from the side. It details placement of foundation footings, sub-floor and floor, decking, exterior studs, rafters and shingles.

Electrical plan

The electrical plan shows placement of electrical outlets.

Posted On: June 04, 2018 05:14 UTC
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Skills: AutoCAD, Construction, Drafting
Country: United States
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