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We are building a monumental outdoor sculpture made of soft material. The soft material will be suspended from a tensile rope structure. The rope structure is in turn supported by 4 tall masts.

The masts and rope structure have been installed. We have a laser scan of the site. The surveyor has provided us with unified database of aligned scans, using Autodesk ReCap and the files are in .rcp format.

We'd like the tensile rope structure modeled in 3D, so that we can compare that model with our specifications. Ideal output would be a Rhino 3D file set at the same real-world scale as the scan so that we can take object lengths in the Rhino file as accurate real-world lengths from the scan. The rest of the site can be modeled with a simple ground plane, in other words we don't need trees/walkways/etc modeled.

The lengths of the rope segments range from a 5 feet to

Budget: $300

Posted On: June 04, 2020 03:44 UTC
Category: 3D Modeling
Skills:Rhinoceros 3D
Country: United States

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