Need CAD draftsperson to draft and compile plans for an ADU – Upwork

I need a draftsperson to do some 2D design/drawing, and then compile the documents into a plan set that I can submit to the city for permits.  This is for the construction of a pre-manufactured backyard home, aka Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU).

The 2D design/drawing involves:
– plotting the ADU on the existing site plan (the site plan is a survey in the form of a CAD file)
– adding some detail to existing floorplans and elevations (they are currently PDF files)
– adding text to the cover sheet and some of the other pages

The compiling portion involves:
– formatting and plotting existing documents that will go in to this plan set into one coherent file

Most of the work will be to generate the plan set.  There is usually some work after the plan set is submitted because the city will have comments/questions that result in making minor updates to the plan set.

I have attached a previous project plan set here as an example.  Most of the pages in the plan set are documents that I will provide, and I need someone to add relevant details.  The first page (Sheet A0.0) requires the most 2D design.

I look forward to discussing the details!

Hourly Range: $14.00-$30.00
Posted On: August 01, 2023 00:12 UTC
Category: CAD
Skills:2D Design, Drafting, Autodesk AutoCAD, 2D Design & Drawings
Country: United States

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