Professional 3D Rendering and Enhancement of a Two-Room Apartment in SketchUp with V-Ray – Upwork

Objective: Professional rendering of a 71-square-meter, two-room apartment, enhancing realism and quality compared to the existing work.

Current Status:

One room has already been rendered with materials and lighting applied. However, a more realistic and high-quality finish is desired. A sample of this room is provided for reference (my sample of the kids room1 and my sample of the kids room2)
Additional reference material includes a photo of another room (desired quality benchmark) and the actual room and main file (Room-sample.jpg and Sketchup+Vray+5+Interior+37.skp)
The original SketchUp file (apartment) will be made available during the interview phase.

Material Adjustment: Fine-tune all materials. I am currently using V-Ray. Screenshots of all your V-Ray settings must be provided.

Lighting Setup: Configure lighting to simulate natural daylight with emphasis on light LED lines. (light led lines.jpg)

Scene Management: Render all main scenes that are already saved in the SketchUp file. It’s crucial to use standard materials V-Ray to allow for me minor post-render adjustments, like changing tile color or material.

Language Consideration: All layers are named in Russian, but this should not be an issue as the setup is intuitive.

My soft:
V-Ray 6.00.03 for SketchUp
SketchUp Pro 2023

Additional Instructions:
Scene Integrity: Do not alter existing scenes. Create duplicates for any required changes, as everything is already linked to SketchUp Layout.

External Elements: Do not remove any external elements outside the apartment space, as they include furniture scenes and room copies for SketchUp Layout.

Layer Specifics: The desired lighting layer is ‘light led lines’.

Feedback and Revision:
Open to suggestions for any improvements or necessary changes.

I don’t have a very high budget, so don’t offer too high a price, two weeks or a month for completion plus positive feedback.
I’m making it for myself for an apartment that may not exist due to the war and other circumstances. I’ve already been waiting for this apartment for 5 years (it was built, but I got a very bad developer)

All files:

Budget: $75

Posted On: January 30, 2024 00:30 UTC
Category: 3D Modeling & Rendering
Skills:3D Lighting, V-Ray, Photorealistic Rendering, 3D Rendering, Architectural Rendering, SketchUp, Architectural Design

Skills: 3D Lighting, V-Ray, Photorealistic Rendering, 3D Rendering, Architectural Rendering, SketchUp, Architectural Design
Country: Ukraine

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