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We work with spatial data. It is rare, but occassionally we use Blender to create orthographic hillshade overlays for overlaying on our maps. However, we currently have a need for creating a particularly large, high resolution hillshade and every time we attempt a render, Blender reports that it is out of memory. We’re not sure if this is due to hardware limitations per se, settings we have overlooked or something more complicated, so thought it would be most efficient to get an expert to diagnose the issue and perform the export. I should point out that we have had others look at the problem without success so we strongly suspect the issue is of a technical nature and strongly encourage bidders to evaluate whether they think they can diagnose the issue.

The input file is a 86,400×43,200, 16 bit tiff file which we will supply. It is a rectangle DEM with a vertical exaggeration. The camera faces directly down with light hitting at an angle to create shadows of the mountains. We are attempting to export at at least 54,000×27,000, but would ideally like double that as the final output. The .blend file is attached. We can also supply the DEM to ensure all settings are replicated. The DEM is 8.61 GB which is definitely contributing to the issue, but given the large format we are going for, we are not eager to downscale.

While this project is primarily to supply the exported render in tiff format, the preferred candidate will be one that helps us solve the underlying issue, and/or offers a fair rate for ongoing exports of a similar nature (e.g. change a few settings or source files and export again).

We are very eager to get this as soon as possible. Payment is only supplied for a satisfactory export at the target resolution of 108,000×54,000.

Budget: $50

Posted On: January 30, 2024 21:06 UTC
Category: 3D Modeling & Rendering
Skills:3D Lighting, Blender, 3D Modeling

Skills: 3D Lighting, Blender, 3D Modeling
Country: Australia

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