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We are looking for a skilled Rhino Grasshopper Developer to join our team. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in Rhino Grasshopper and be able to develop complex 3D models and parametric designs. The developer will collaborate with our design team to create innovative solutions and optimize workflows. The main responsibilities include designing, scripting, and debugging Rhino Grasshopper components, as well as integrating Grasshopper with other design tools. Key skills for this role include proficiency in Rhino, Grasshopper, and visual programming languages. Strong mathematical and problem-solving abilities are also required.

Hourly Range: $5.00-$20.00
Posted On: September 26, 2023 03:23 UTC
Category: 3D Modeling & Rendering
Skills:Grasshopper 3D, Rhinoceros 3D, Gemvision Matrix, RhinoGold
Skills: Grasshopper 3D, Rhinoceros 3D, Gemvision Matrix, RhinoGold
Country: United States

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