Seeking Experienced Team to Convert 1000 JCD CAD Files to 3DM CAD – Upwork

We are in need of a highly skilled and experienced team to assist us with a substantial CAD file conversion project. We have over 1000 JCD CAD files that need to be accurately converted into 3DM CAD format.

Project Overview:

Scope: Conversion of 1000+ JCD CAD files to 3DM CAD format.


Proficiency in CAD software and conversion tools, especially with experience in converting JCD to 3DM.
Proven track record in handling large-scale CAD file conversion projects.
The ability to maintain the quality and accuracy of the original files during the conversion process.
Efficient turnaround time and a commitment to meeting deadlines.
Competitive and reasonable pricing for the project.

We are looking for a team that not only meets our technical requirements but also aligns with our commitment to quality and efficiency. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to reach out.

Posted On: October 20, 2023 15:52 UTC
Category: CAD
Skills:CAD Conversion
Skills: CAD Conversion
Country: United States

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