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I'm looking for a Maya Mel Scripter that can write the following script:
1. Import several FBX's
2. Delete a bunch of nodes based on their name (need to search and delete based on criteria)
3. Delete all existing blendshapes on one of the nodes.
4. Select new imported fbx's and add them as a new blendshape
5.  Save scene and export fbx

Important: The script needs to work when being triggered from a Maya cmd line tool, without having to open Maya so it can run in batch mode.

I've recorded a quick video of me doing all these steps as a reference for what the script should do.

Budget: $100

Posted On: September 13, 2019 17:23 UTC
Category: Engineering & Architecture > 3D Modeling & CAD

Skills: 3D Modeling, Autodesk Maya, Scripting
Country: United States

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