Speedtree Artist – Create 10 – 3D Tree Models – AR Ready – Upwork

Exciting AR project. Looking for a talented, fast 3D modeler who can match reference quickly and reliably. Must be familiar with PBR Metallic Roughness workflows and preparing 3D models for AR on the Web.

For this project, we need to create low poly (under 500k) AR-ready 3D models that are digital twins of real-life products. You will match the provided reference.. The model will need to meet certain standards to be accepted. Please read the instructions in full.

Model 10 trees.

For 3 of the tree models, you will make rows of five in using the same model. Rotate so they do not look perfectly uniform.

Please use an alpha masking workflow for opacity. Alpha blending can cause issues on platform.

ROWS OF FIVE – No Pot, Terminate at the roots
1. Row of 5 – Thuja Green Giant – 5-6 ft. tall
2. Row of 5 – Leyland Cypress – 5-6 ft. tall
3. Row of 5 – Emerald Green Arborvitae – 5-6 ft. tall

SINGLE TREE – Potted, either White Pot or Plain Black Nursery Pot
4. Meyer Lemon – 4-5 ft. tall – White Pot
5. Autumn Blaze® Red Maple – 5-6 ft. – Plain Black Nursery Pot
6. Honeycrisp™ Apple – 5-6 ft. – Plain Black Nursery Pot
7. Hass Avocado – 4-5 ft. – White Pot
8. Monstera Deliciosa – 2 ft. – White Pot
9. Fiddle Leaf Fig – 4-5 ft. – White Pot
10. Cold Hardy Avocado -4-5 ft. – White Pot

1.Must open without errors – No missing textures or 3rd party plug-ins.
2.Review/QC Process – 3 reviews – With expectation of resolution of issues at each stage.

MILESTONE QC #01 – Model Pre-texture/UV
1. Visual Accuracy
     a. object matches reference, each piece is modeled and assembled individually, like real-world product
     b. matches real-world scale (in meters)
2. Scene configuration
     a. object matches reference, each piece is modeled and assembled individually, like real-world product
     b. object matches real-world scale (in meters)
     c. object forward aligned with Z+, up aligned with Y+
     d. origin/pivot located at the center of the bottom of the object*
3. Mesh Quality
     a. only necessary geometry with properly beveled edges
     b. no black polygons, overlapping faces or flipped normal
     c. bottom-centered, on the ground plane, positioned at origin (0,0,0) with transforms reset
     d. no isolated, coincident vertices, no coplanar faces
     e. only quads/tris, no nGons

MILESTONE QC #2 – Model with geo/mesh corrections, proper UVs and Textures
4. UVs, Textures, PBR Material Quality
     a. PBR Workflow with Roughness
     b. Correct colors, accurately reflects product
     c. UV Shells 1:1 space with no overlap, no UV stretching
5. File Format
     a. GLB (glTF binary) with embedded textures
          i. Compliant with glTF 2.0 specification
          ii. No glTF extensions unless specifically requested
          iii. No Draco compression
6. Visual Accuracy & Platform Presentation
     a. Uploads properly to our platform
     b. Model optimizes correctly and matches real-world product
     c. Last pass for any final color correction

MILESTONE QC #3 – Any final corrections are completed, final check

Budget: $1,000

Posted On: December 06, 2021 00:39 UTC
Category: 3D Modeling & Rendering
Skills:Augmented Reality, 3D Modeling, SpeedTree
Country: United States

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