Topographic Point Cloud Editing – Upwork

Edit LAS point cloud to only include ground points filtering out all man-made objects (structures, vehicles), vegetation and tree surfaces.  Deliver output as LAS point cloud (retaining same EPSG) and if possible a DEMTiff with color gradient and DEMTiff with raw elevation values.

For areas with dense tree canopy which obscure large areas of ground, ensure there is at least one ground point per 100 sq ft (10 ft by 10 ft) area.  If necessary, points can be added corresponding to pre-existing contour map.

Successful candidate will receive periodic future additional jobs (typically 0-5 per month).

Attached is point cloud, orthomosaic for additional visual reference, and pre-existing contour map showing elevations in heavy vegetation areas.

EPSG 2240

Only proposals that specify range of minimum-maximum hours to complete with hourly rate will be considered.

Posted On: January 23, 2024 17:58 UTC
Category: CAD
Skills:3D Modeling

Skills: 3D Modeling
Country: United States

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