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**Job Title:** Recruitment Specialist for Retired Federal IT and Cybersecurity Professionals

**Company:** Kiteworks

**Location:** Remote

**Job Type:** Contract

Kiteworks is seeking a dedicated and skilled Recruitment Specialist to identify, engage, and recruit RETIRED federal government officials with expertise in IT and cybersecurity. This role is crucial in facilitating Kiteworks’ strategic entry into various federal agencies, and promoting our data protection solutions. The successful candidate will have a deep understanding of the federal IT and cybersecurity landscapes, excellent networking skills, and experience in recruitment or talent acquisition in related fields.

**Key Responsibilities:**
1. **Targeted Research and Identification:**
   – Conduct in-depth research to identify retired federal government officials with backgrounds in IT and cybersecurity.
   – Develop a thorough understanding of the specific skills and experiences that align with Kiteworks’ goals.

2. **Networking and Outreach:**
   – Build and maintain a network of contacts within the federal IT and cybersecurity communities.
   – Utilize various channels such as LinkedIn, professional forums, and government alumni networks for outreach and engagement.

3. **Recruitment and Engagement:**
   – Engage potential candidates through direct outreach, presenting opportunities to collaborate with Kiteworks as evangelists and strategy consultants.
   – Organize and conduct interviews to assess candidates’ suitability and interest.

4. **Collaboration with Kiteworks Teams:**
   – Work closely with Kiteworks’ leadership and marketing teams to align recruitment strategies with business goals.
   – Provide insights on federal IT and cybersecurity trends to inform business strategies.

5. **Monitoring and Reporting:**
   – Track recruitment efforts, maintaining a pipeline of potential candidates.
   – Report on recruitment progress, providing insights and recommendations for strategy adjustments.

– Experience in recruitment, talent acquisition, or a related field, preferably within IT, cybersecurity, or government sectors.
– Strong knowledge of the federal IT and cybersecurity landscape, including key players and networks.
– Proven ability to network effectively and engage high-level professionals.
– Excellent communication, negotiation, and organizational skills.
– Ability to work independently in a remote environment.
– Familiarity with recruitment tools and platforms, including LinkedIn Recruiter.

Hourly Range: $10.00-$50.00

Posted On: February 02, 2024 22:56 UTC
Category: Recruiting & Talent Sourcing
Skills:Recruiting, Tech & IT, Information Security

Skills: Recruiting, Tech & IT, Information Security
Country: United States

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