simple ToothBrush into toilet Toss Game – Upwork

Create the environment and functionality for a game where you toss a toothbrush from the camera’s position and orientation to try to get it in a sink or toilet.–cms-21891 (<–this perspective)


AddForce (or AddRelativeForce) and AddTorque (or AddRelativeTorque – both AddTorque and AddRelative Torque are optional) to the toothbrush

Add appropriate colliders to the sink and toilet to allow for the toothbrush to bounce off most surfaces and land in the sink and toilet bowl – use mesh colliders for the bowl of the toilet and the “bowl” of the sink. Use primitive colliders for the rest of the meshes

Use the correct Input method to make sure the forces only get applied once per key press

Reset the velocity, angularVelocity, rotation and position of the toothbrush with each “space” key press

Create the ground, ceiling and wall objects / materials with any textures (free online)

Submission Notes

Place all of the files (including assets and scenes) in a folder named  J_Media

Send a screenshot of the final product on screen.

Make proper use of Material (proportion and orientation)  

Environment composition – accurate GameObject placement  

Must be functional, all scripts etc (not broken)

Budget: $7

Posted On: June 01, 2018 04:44 UTC
Category: Design & Creative > Animation

Skills: Unity3D
Country: Canada
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