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I am looking for someone to create a custom animation for me. This animation will show the difference between rush-hour standstill traffic in a populated city versus traffic that is able to flow freely, as if all lights are green. I am looking for an aerial view of this dynamic. If it is possible I am thinking of a view from a car at a red light (make the viewer remember the frustration of sitting in traffic during rush-hour) then paneling to an aerial view of intersection, then it pans out to a view to 4×4 or 5×5 grid of intersections. Then there would be a green line with an arrow highlighting a path, then you need see little cars move along the same path. Showing the cars move after the first light turns green, then the second, etc. in order. The flow does not need to be a straight line through the lights. There can be turns at 1 or 2 lights.

Budget: $150

Posted On: May 18, 2019 04:15 UTC
Category: Design & Creative > Animation

Skills: 2D Animation, Motion Graphics
Country: United States

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