You currently have to fulfill about 40 orders a day with an automated app called Oberlo, and also update tracking numbers on the orders with one click. ( fulfilling 1 order takes less than 1 minute on average ). You also have to answer to around 30 emails a day.

– You will possibly also be trained to do multiple different task other than orders.

– You're going to have about 3 hours a day of work for now and it can eventually go up to 7 hours a day depending on the scaling.

You need to be experienced with managing email with the drop shipping model, aliexpress and oberlo,  if you have experience doing CSV file drop shipping this is a plus.

Your rate will be 5,85$USD per hour.

-Proficient english
-Socially aware
-Solution finder
-Good communicator
-Attention to DETAILS
-Great work ethic

What is your current financial situation now?

What is your experience with OBERLO ? Do you have any experience doing email handling for an e-commerce store?

What is your internet speed at home?

Do you support your children financially? If not, do you financially support anyone?

You will have to work for now about 3 hours of work every day, including saturday and sunday, are you ok with that? ( 7 days a week )

Could you work 7 hours a day if eventually, we need you to work 40-50 hours a week?

Who is the prime minister of Canada?

Posted On: June 04, 2018 04:14 UTC
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