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Provided will be a list of websites of about 90 art galleries and museums in one city. The task is to create a spreadsheet with data about the current and upcoming art exhibitions at these venues. The spreadsheet needs to include the fields listed below:

1. Venue URL (already filled in)
2. Venue Name
3. Exhibition Title
4. Featured Artist(s) – If more than one (i.e group show), list all artists
5. Exhibition Start Date
6. Exhibition End Date
7. Exhibition Opening Reception Date and Time
8. Exhibition Page URL – the specific webpage on the venue website dedicated to this exhibition, showing details about the exhibition, press release, artworks, etc.
9. Venue Facebook Page, if any
10. Venue Instagram Page, if any

Two sample entries in the spreadsheet will be filled in as examples. If there is more than one exhibition at a given venue (e.g. current one, plus one or two upcoming), add an extra line for the additional exhibitions. Only exhibitions taking place in that city to be included. If the venue website has no exhibitions listed, type “none listed”. If the venue website is too confusing, or has no clear information about any exhibitions, or is in a foreign language, type “unclear”, and move on to the next venue.

Budget: $20

Posted On: June 12, 2019 09:04 UTC
Category: Admin Support > Data Entry

Country: Hong Kong

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