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# Task: Mock Online Application Forms

## Task Description

We are specializing in writing grant applications for various startup companies. Quite often the applications are done through an online form. Those online forms can be buggy. Therefore, we try to create the applications offline first (mocked applications).

Your task is to copy all the fields of an online application form into a Microsoft Word document.

Here is an example of an online application form: (you will need to click Apply and register to see the application form).

## Requirements

– The online form should be copied into a Microsoft Word document which is based on a standard template that we provide.
– All the content of the form should be copied, including, but not limited to: section names and descriptions, field names and descriptions, field size limits, fields ID numbers, etc.

## Deliverable

The deliverable shall be a Microsoft Word document containing the required grant application sections. We call this document a mocked application.

## Payment

The payment is done per successful deliverable.

Payment per each successfully completed deliverable: $3.

We have a rich pool of online applications to mock, so you can expect to complete as many deliverables as you want – depending on your own schedule and workload.

# Contract

_Trial Contract_. We propose to set up a small trial contract for 5-6 deliverables first.

(Please send us your email address so that we can invite you to the Trello board and to the Outlook Group).

If it works well for you and for us, we would be glad to create a longer contract.

Budget: $15

Posted On: July 10, 2019 17:04 UTC
Category: Admin Support > Data Entry

Skills: Microsoft Word
Country: Spain

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