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Dear Freelancers,

We are currently looking to find the perfect callcenter for our company. In order to find them, we have a pretty simple process:

Step 1: A virtual assistant is researching a list of all possible callcenters and is noting all the data (e.g. phone number & email address) 
Step 2: We call them and try getting more information from them to see if they actually suite our needs.

Step 3: After we have filtered them for the callcenters that potentially fit our needs, one from our senior management will contact them and do the rest.

=> Your main part will be “Step 2”. In order to apply for this position you have to:

-) be a native English speaker

-) sound extremely trustworthy and professional

-) be able to ask great questions and keep persistent in order to get the information we need

-) be very structured and reliable

-) have a great availability today and this week

If you think that you’re a great match for this position, send me your application so we can go into detail!

Skills: Audio Services, Customer Support, Telephone Handling, Virtual Assistant, Voice Talent

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