Searching for a Front End Developer with great/Creative Design skills. [Long Term, Next.js, Scss, UI/UX] — 3

I am looking for a talented hardworking Front End developer, who would be willing to go the extra mile to get great results. Please read it all.

What do I want to achieve?

1) Some Page components need to be polished.

2) Create a simple and easy-to-understand web page, which users like to use/play around with.

3) The end result should be that the users should enjoy the page like a game, while not being in a game.

From you:

1) Experience with [login to view URL]

2) SCSS and structuring it well, and short, + responsive design.

3) Creative ideas, friendly.

4) Hardworking and ready to go the extra mile if needed.

5) Good with communicating and ready to give updates daily, with examples.

What will be the process like?

1) The whole page will be split into several milestones.

2) Each task will need to be accepted prior to moving further (a pull request in GitHub). Code will need to be approved by me.

3) If the design code not matching good standards it will need to be reviewed re-designed. And no milestone will be paid until it is done.

4) For good designs which exceed my expectation additional bonuses will be added. (Hard to achieve will be honest)

Who should apply?

1) A person who is responsible.

2) Knows what he/she is doing even if you have started to do coding 2 months ago, but are actually great at what you are doing.

3) Able to communicate well in English and with a good sense of humor.

Who shouldn’t apply?

1) Scammers (of course). Please know I have a good idea of how much time it should take.

2) Getting easy money without effort, won’t be the project for you. I am very picky about how things look, so you would need to re-work the bids till it actually looks good, putting a bandage won’t work here.

3) Once we establish Milestones, the task will need to be finished within the set milestone, it will turn out bigger than you anticipated, then well you will have a great learning experience 🙂

What is the deadline?

1) There is not any if you are doing your job great, and you want to polish something, please go ahead, take your time. Would be great not to exceed a week per milestone/task.

2) If you are busy with other projects and want to get aboard with a project on side/free time, then this is exactly what you can do as well.

What will need to be done:

1) Re-design current elements

a) Search Box.

b) Three listing item freshening up

c) Profile Page smoothing up [Bigger task]

d) About us page.

e) Help & Support Page

2) Creating Terms and Condition Page.

3) Creating Payment Page/Modal.

4) [id] listing pages (Three which follow the same logic, but with small detail change)

5) Another hidden feature page.

6) Preview file, from content in PDF.

If you have read this and you are placing your bid I am assuming you know [login to view URL], scss/css, some cool design tricks and are creative, so I would appreciate having a friendly bid, not a professional one.

Please ask any questions directly.

P.s. Please note – I will evaluate every single bid. I am writing long because all of these questions are being asked anyhow.

New freelancers will only be looked at if the minimum price will be provided.


Skills: JavaScript, Website Design, CSS, React.js

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