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I am looking for somebody to finish design for a game. I am re-creating an old game called Jumping Jack, here are 2 references:
Playable game on online emulator:!jumpingjack
Youtube video of game:

I would like to create the game with MODERN graphics. All the coding is done, but should the designer want a specific artistic game effect, particle effect, or similar, I am willing to change the code as requested. I programmed the game in Unity.

You can see in the attachments section the following:
1. Game with placeholder design. Please note: the graphics in game are placeholders only and I am not licensed to distribute the game with graphics from 1st attachment.
2. A pending background and block design that I didn't put inside the game yet.

Designer's job:
Original main character
– running animation
– idle animation
– jumping animation
– stunned animation (after player drops from platform, player is stunned for a few seconds)
– ** As this is a mobile game, the character will not be visible upclose so you won't have to work on small details **

– 4 different enemy monsters
– linear* moving animation (they may be walking, flying, hovering or crowling)
* by linear i mean they will never stop moving even if they cross other enemies or player
– ** As this is a mobile game, the enemy will not be visible upclose so you won't have to work on small details **

Splash screens:
– main menu (something like an epic jump background, or some kind of blurred background)
– level up screen
– game over screen

– number of lives left (hearts)
– score
– appropriate UI on screens (main menu, game over, level up)

I would prefer results to be delivered in PNG format, and animations to be in PNG sequences as well.

This is my first time posting a job for a designer so I am not sure if the price is appropriate, please do propose different terms as you wish. I am NOT looking for highest quality stuff, this will be a free game with no ads or whatsoever.

Please do also provide your estimate (in weeks) in cover letter.

Budget: $250

Posted On: June 03, 2018 15:44 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Game Development

Skills: 2D Design, Character Animation, Character Design, Game Design, Graphic Design
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
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