Design an Instagram puzzle template + brand kit for a Car Detailing business

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I’m looking for a professional designer to design an Instagram puzzle template and a brand kit for our car detailing business.

About us

We are a car detailing shop – car detailing means car cleaning, polishing and protection / coating. Our customers are car enthusiasts who own luxury, exotic and / or expensive cars. Please keep this in mind when proposing the required designs.
We already have our logo, several brand related icons, business card, price list and website designed. Images and screenshots of all these are attached, the required Instagram puzzle template and the brand kit should be in line with existing designs.

What do we need?

Instagram Puzzle template

– An Instagram puzzle template in line with our existing brand elements and expectations of our customers as explained above.
A sample of an Instagram template is attached (note that his template belongs to a completely different and unrelated brand, it’s just a sample).

Brand Kit

The band kit should include the following:
– Different versions of the logo for different backgrounds (light, dark, colorful, and live image). Note: we already have different versions of the logo, see attachments.
– Primary and secondary colors. Our main colors are red and black, as shown on the logo. Please propose secondary colors and additional variations of the main two colors we already use.
– Heading, text, and creative fonts. We don’t have any predefined sets and need 3: 1 for headings (titles, subtitles), 1 for text (website text, visuals text), 1 creative (script type or similar, ideally to be in correlation with the font we used to write “detailing kings” on our logo).
– Stationary use of the logo, fonts, and colors on various marketing materials like website, business card, memorandum, billboards, mobile website, pins, letters, pencils, coasters, and flyers. Feel free to add additional marketing materials. Note: we already have a website and a business card, it will be attached.
– Brand elements – besides our logo we need different brand elements that are recognizable, in line with our brand, and can be used on our marketing materials. One example is the crown icon that we already have designed and is attached, feel free to design and propose more.

A sample of a brand kit is attached (note that his template belongs to a completely different and unrelated brand, it’s just a sample).

What will it be used for?

All our social media marketing materials (visuals, videos).
Website – desktop and mobile versions.
Physical marketing materials: flyers, coasters, product kits, etc.

For the right person this can potentially become a long term collaboration where we would work with you on other design projects we need.

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