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I am seeking a dedicated and detail-oriented individual to assist with a project that involves collecting and processing data from a list of investors. Your task will be straightforward but requires precision and adherence to instructions. Below is a step-by-step guide on what the project entails:

Project Overview:
You will be working with a Google Sheets document containing a list of 168 investors. Your main objective is to visit each investor’s website, interact with a specific ChatGPT assistant to obtain data in JSON format, and then record this information in another Google Sheets file.

Detailed Task Breakdown:

Access Investor List:
Start by opening the provided Google Sheets link. This document contains the names and websites of 168 investors.

Copy Each Investor’s Website:
Navigate through the list and copy the website of each investor (Column C). The objective is to find specific data about the investor, which will be processed by ChatGPT.

Interact with ChatGPT Assistant:
Paste the URL into the specific ChatGPT assistant designated for this task.
Request the ChatGPT assistant to process the URL and provide you with data in JSON format.

Handling Non-Compliance:
If ChatGPT does not provide the data in JSON format initially, please politely insist, explaining that you have received such output before. Persistence is key.

Data Recording:
Upon receiving the JSON format data from ChatGPT, open the designated Google Sheets file for this project.
Enter the investor’s website URL (Column A) and paste the JSON data (Column B) into the appropriate columns. This step is crucial for maintaining organized and accessible records.

Project Duration and Workload:
The total workload involves handling data for 168 investors. We estimate that the task should take approximately one hour to complete, assuming efficient workflow and minimal issues encountered.

Attention to detail and accuracy in data entry.
Basic familiarity with Google Sheets.
Ability to follow instructions precisely.
Good communication skills for any clarifications or issues.

After the successful completion of this project, more projects like this are expected weekly.

If you are interested in taking on this project and believe you meet the criteria, please reply to this message with your availability and any questions you may have. We are looking forward to working with someone who can efficiently handle this task and contribute to our project’s success

Links for the work completion:

Investor list:
ChatGPT assistant:
Data output:

The data output file contains two examples for illustration.

Budget: $10

Posted On: February 07, 2024 12:06 UTC
Category: Data Entry
Skills:Accuracy Verification, Data Entry, Google Docs, ChatGPT

Skills: Accuracy Verification, Data Entry, Google Docs, ChatGPT
Country: Finland

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