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We are seeking a detail-oriented and resourceful Research Assistant to support our team by reviewing a collection of name badges to identify individuals, their names, titles, and organizations. The successful candidate will be responsible for meticulously typing up these details, and conducting online research to supplement this information with their state, email address, and any other relevant details that can be found. This role is crucial in building a comprehensive database for our project’s needs.

– Carefully review the provided photos to extract visible information regarding the individual’s organization, name, and title.
– Conduct thorough online research to find additional information about each individual, including their state, email address, and any other pertinent details.
– Accurately type up and organize all gathered information in a specified format, ensuring high levels of accuracy and attention to detail.
– Regularly update the project team on progress, highlighting any challenges or discrepancies found during the research process.
– Maintain strict confidentiality of all information gathered and processed.

Skills and Qualifications:
– Proven experience in data entry, research, or a related field.
– Excellent attention to detail and the ability to accurately transcribe information.
– Strong research skills and proficiency in using the internet and social media platforms for information gathering.
– Familiarity with data management and office software, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
– Good written communication skills for reporting and documentation.
– Ability to work independently and manage time effectively to meet deadlines.
– Commitment to confidentiality and ethical handling of sensitive information.

Hourly Range: $3.00-$15.00

Posted On: January 31, 2024 05:21 UTC
Category: Data Entry
Skills:List Building, Data Entry, Accuracy Verification, Spreadsheet Software, Google Docs

Skills: List Building, Data Entry, Accuracy Verification, Spreadsheet Software, Google Docs
Country: United States

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