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I am looking for someone for a data entry/research task.

I have a list of locations that I am using for a project and I need postcodes / zipcodes assigned to each location.

While it might seem straightforward, there is some critical thinking involved.

I have about 1000 locations but there are about 10000 postcodes. This means that you will need to assign more than 1 postcode to each location – and this will involve you making good calls about which postcode goes where

For example – in my project, I have a location called ‘Cairns’
In the list of postcodes there is also a location called ‘cairns’ but then there are also 10 postcodes of locations near Cairns which you will need to add to Cairns too.

This is a straightforward job once you understand what is required but will take some time, so I need someone who can work diligently.

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Posted On: February 03, 2024 23:16 UTC
Category: Data Entry
Skills:Data Entry, Administrative Support

Skills: Data Entry, Administrative Support
Country: Australia

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