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Job Description:
We are seeking a reliable and dynamic virtual assistant to join our team.

Your Deliverables
– To seamlessly distribute all social media content on time and with correct captions, links, and information.
– To complete all tasks satisfactory, communicate effectively, and deliver results.
– To collect, organize, and communicate all data required for a more efficient way of working.
– To provide administrative support that alleviates CEO of tasks listed below.
– To grow our audience with administrative work across our social channels and podcast.

  1. Post on social media: stories [IG], posts [LinkedIn], shorts [YT], TikTok and maintain Trello board.
  2. Manage and Message podcast outreach on LinkedIn and maintain Trello board.
  3. Support podcast operations and administration.
  4. Support administrative duties, complete tasks requested, deliver on deadlines.
  5. Clean up Instagram, remove fake accounts.

Directions to Apply:
Carefully reviewing the following docs, if you truly feel you’re the right person  we’d love to chat. https://docs.google.com/document/d/14hbndcuJKvTGuRZiY3q6u4aygw2XCeBlrVzdZ8DXWz4/edit?usp=sharing AND https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SOwY0sxZ4Y1N5W57ZpD2h8CJuUTvrSI8FtxN-EBybYI/edit
Submit your proposal along with references that will vouch for your capabilities. Please answer the interview questions and provide references before applying.

As a Dynamic executive assistant you have the following top 5 responsibilities
•  To manage time and complete tasks assigned with minimal hand holding, maximum efficiency, and optimal way of working.
• To complete timely and effective social media posting.
• To support administrative work for sales outreach, project management, marketing, and maintenance of platforms, documents, and projects.
• To make the impact needed for our business and help the CEO be able to keep focus on his priorities.
• To attend weekly check-in meetings and participate and be responsive to communication.

2. Complete weekly check in and participate in improving ways of working and communication 2/8/24
3. Implement calendar and Trello reminders and triggers to complete and keep top of mind various moving targets and priorities 2/18/24

As a Dynamic executive assistant you have the following top 5 responsibilities
•  Experience in similar roles and a proven ability to deliver (references, outstanding account rating)
• Fast internet speeds, camera for meetings, storage space for handling and transferring files
• Self-managed critical thinking (outlined in our system of management and impact we need you to have outlilned in links above)
• Experience with Trello and project management.
• Experience with Lastpass and chrome extension.

The Purpose of this project:
To have VA that helps free up time so IBA can grow with more time allotted for the CEO to focus on what only he can do.
To complete all the projects and ongoing tasks needed and mentioned above.

About Us:
Imperial Branding Agency is a marketing services and consulting firm based in Austin, Texas, specializing in experiential marketing and brand strategy. We create premium brand activation packages for media brands with live event properties, focusing on delivering seamless experiences for both our clients and their audiences. Our mission is to help clients make a meaningful impact, reach their customers effectively, and achieve a positive return on investment.

Opportunity to earn bonus monthly goals in addition to hourly rate based on performance leading to company goals being met.

Hourly Range: $3.00-$5.00

Posted On: February 02, 2024 17:58 UTC
Category: Executive Virtual Assistance
Skills:Administrative Support, Scheduling, Communications, Email Communication, Trello, Social Media Management, Meeting Scheduling

Skills: Administrative Support, Scheduling, Communications, Email Communication, Trello, Social Media Management, Meeting Scheduling
Country: United States

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