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Geography: Australia Only
Company Size: At least 50+ workers/contractors per location/department.
Database/spreadsheet to include the following:
• Company
• First name
• Last name
• Position/Title
• Contact number (Direct)
• Company number if unable to find direct number
• Industry
• Department/Location/State (if possible)

Target Titles:
The following titles will cover the majority of people we want to reach out to. If the company/department is large enough to have an employee with one of these job titles, then they could be a potential lead.  

• OHS Officer – full term: Occupational Health Safety
• OH&S Manager – full term: Occupational Health & Safety
• HSE Manager – full term: Health Safety Environment
• QHSE Manager – full term: Quality Health Safety Environment
• WHS Manager or the full term: Work Health & Safety
• Health and Safety Manager

*Note: You can interchange Manager with Officer/Supervisor and sometimes Coordinator.
*Note: a company can have multiple department/site that work independently from one another. Please include contacts for each department/site if they are different. Please only include two contacts from each department/state.

Target Industries:
We deal with a broad range of industries. The main similarities between each industry/company is a high number/turnover of workers/contractors they have.

• Constructions/development
   o Commercial – Office buildings, warehouse, shop complexes etc.
   o Housing – Apartments buildings, residential developers
• Construction/projects
   o Refineries
   o Infrastructure/pipelines/plants
   o Quarries/Mining
• Manufacturing
   o Commercial manufacturing
   o Pharmaceuticals
   o Agricultural
• Logistics
   o Shipping and freight
   o Ground transportation, rail, truck, train
• Health
   o Labs/pathology/research
   o Hospitals/health care facilities
• Government
   o Museums
   o Treasury department
   o Government Councils
• Utilities
   o Gas
   o Water
   o Electricity
• Retail:
   o Shopping centres
   o Retail trade
   o Franchises
• IT infrastructure
   o Data/server centres
• Other Services
   o HR companies/Labour hire
   o Property maintenance services (Repair/ cleaning/ landscape)
   o Engineering for industry service
• Exhibition & convention centres/Arenas

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