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A quick task for new freelancers to have an opportunity to grow on this platform.

Hi there, we have an eCommerce shop on Amazon looking for some quick admin/review work.

We’ve launched some new digital products for females and need to test out the shop navigation to ensure the shop is running smoothly.

We are looking for candidates to rate our products on an e-commerce platform. We envisage this task to take you maximum 30 minutes to complete from end to end, if you follow the instructions we provide carefully.

Please answer the following questions in your application, in order to qualify.

1. Where do you live currently?

2. Have you used Amazon in the past and know how to navigate? You will be required to download CLOUD READER for the task. It is a FREE download tool on the platform.

3. Do you have an existing account? What is the total $ amount you have spent on the platform in the past? They require a minimum spend of $USD 60 to rate products.

4. Will you be able to download and use the FREE Kindle Unlimited 30 DAY TRIAL (this means you will have to provide your credit card details on the platform)

Candidates will be shortlisted based on the above screening questions. Once shortlisted, you will receive a PDF with instructions and we will start the Upwork Contract if you feel comfortable to do the task.

The payment is $15 for 4 reviews on 4 separate books (1each) . All books can be purchased for free if you are signed up to the Free 30 Day Trial.

We will provide you with step by step instructions, as well as the actual reviews to write, if you are not confident in writing your own.

**Please Submit If You Live in North America, Canada, UK & Australia**

Budget: $15

Posted On: January 14, 2024 23:23 UTC
Category: General Virtual Assistance
Skills:Ecommerce, Administrative Support, WooCommerce, Customer Service, Data Entry, Order Processing

Skills: Ecommerce, Administrative Support, WooCommerce, Customer Service, Data Entry, Order Processing
Country: Australia

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