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Rent or sell a Facebook account

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We are experiencing a shortage of advertising offices on Facebook, so we are considering the purchase of ready-made (trust accounts) or rent an advertising office (you only need access to an advertising office), the account must be real since the first launch can cause verification through documents (this is a problem  that Facebook is too confused and considers every action of the user suspicious), as well as the social account itself must be active daily, the account must be older than 3 months, you can buy or rent from your relatives  Ennikov or friends, acquaintances.  Consider also the pharming account (individually)

  • Hours to be determined Hourly
  • Less than a month < 1 month Project Length Duration
  • Entry level I am looking for freelancers with the lowest rates Experience Level

Skills and expertise

Lead Generation Skills

Communication Jobs CRM Jobs Data Entry Jobs Data Scraping Jobs Market Research Jobs Interpersonal Skills Jobs Outbound Sales Jobs Relationship Building Jobs

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Lead Lists Jobs Research Reports Jobs Summary Reports Jobs Prospect Lists Jobs CRM Entries Jobs

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