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I’m seeking assistance to compile a list of speakers from various conferences across the United States. The task involves:

1. Visiting specified web pages.
2. Gathering information such as the speaker’s full name, their title/designation, and the company they represent.
3. Capturing their LinkedIn profile link if available directly on the website; if not, leave it blank initially.
4. Organizing all collected data into a Google Sheet.
5. Then, searching for and adding the LinkedIn URLs for those entries where it was initially unavailable. For any speakers whose LinkedIn profiles cannot be found, simply mark those entries as N/A.

Your main objective is to create a simple list of speakers, focusing on accuracy and completeness of the data provided.

These are the conference / web pages, you will be working on:

Budget: $25

Posted On: February 07, 2024 18:14 UTC
Category: General Virtual Assistance
Skills:Data Entry, Data Scraping, Microsoft Excel

Skills: Data Entry, Data Scraping, Microsoft Excel
Country: United States

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