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We are developing a groundbreaking product in the skincare industry and require legal expertise to secure intellectual property protection. Our product aims to address a common but underserved consumer need with a novel formulation. We are looking for a patent attorney who specializes in dermatological or cosmetic formulations to assist us in navigating the patent application process.


Conduct a thorough patent search to ensure the uniqueness of our invention and identify any potential prior art.
Provide strategic advice on patentability and the scope of protection available for our invention.
Draft and file a comprehensive patent application that effectively covers the novel aspects of our product.
Advise on intellectual property strategy, including potential international patent filings.


Juris Doctor (JD) degree from an accredited law school and admission to practice in at least one jurisdiction.
Specialized knowledge in chemistry, biochemistry, or a related field, with direct experience handling patents in the skincare or cosmetic industry.
Proven track record of successfully drafting and prosecuting patent applications, preferably with examples in dermatological or cosmetic innovations.
Excellent communication skills, with the ability to explain complex legal and technical matters in clear, understandable terms.
Experience with international patent laws and the ability to advise on global IP strategy is a plus.

Hourly Range: $3.00-$999.00

Posted On: February 05, 2024 23:40 UTC
Category: Intellectual Property Law
Skills:Patent Law, Patent, Intellectual Property Law, Patent Preparation

Skills: Patent Law, Patent, Intellectual Property Law, Patent Preparation
Country: United States

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