Gather emails for journalists/influencers/community groups for children's book launch-B – Upwork

This will be a Crowdfunding (Kickstarter) Project for a Children's Book.

We need someone who is experienced with researching and gathering email contacts from relevant websites/community groups for our project. You'll need to be street smart to get email contacts of relevant websites (specs will be provided)

We will be engaging communities from our target market, so we need contact people in these channels:
-Fb groups
-Bloggers and influencers

You MUST have online marketing experience, and know how online marketing works. Because you'll need to diligently categorize the emails into different channels in our excel template.

You must be able to differentiate online channels such as: Publications, blogs, facebook groups, resource websites, forums, affiliate websites, eCommerce websites, etc AND KNOW THE DIFFERENCE VERY CLEARLY.

Our previous hire didn't have internet marketing experience and they had a very hard time categorizing sites. They would put journalist emails into the blog tab (we use google excel), they'll put eccommerce websites in the blogger tab as well-In short, they didn't know how to categorize.

Also have experience research relevant contacts (email, facebook, etc) and know how to use typical email research and verification softwares.

You'll handle:
1. Research for relevant articles/websites/communities
2. Get their contact info. Spreadsheet and how-to guide is provided.

You must be fluent in both spoken an written English. And takes pride and initiative in your work and able to work with tight dateline.

I am hiring 2 people to gather as much emails as possible in one week (we can do 50 hours week), and they have to start immediately.


Posted On: June 02, 2018 14:36 UTC
Category: Admin Support > Personal / Virtual Assistant

Skills: Data Mining, Email Handling, Press Advertising, Social Media Management
Country: Singapore
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