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I need analysts that are able to coherently scan through Investor Relations pages, looking for certain documents/information. Any findings should be carefully logged in an Excel document that is shared. The research is not entirely limited to the Investor Relations page, but can also be done through Google when applicable.

Please refer to the two documents as attached. One is an Excel document that needs to be filled in based on your findings. The other document is an introduction to the concept that should be read in order to understand the task.

In sum description of task:

There are three types of information I am looking for:

1). Authorisations
2). Programs
3). Executions (transactions where own shares are bought back)

You will need to provide the location (URL link + output) as shown in the example. You can also provide extra notes to clarify some of your findings. I have given three examples, please check the links and try to understand what I am after.

As a test, please complete the research for the next companies. For any further questions, which I expect you asking, you can reach out to my via the messenger.

Budget: $20

Posted On: June 29, 2018 12:35 UTC
Category: Admin Support > Personal / Virtual Assistant

Skills: Research
Country: United States
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