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In connection with voice and speech projects for dramatic purposes, I need to hire lifelong speakers of English from South or South Central Texas to webchat with me. The speaker may be asked read aloud English narrative from a text and/or sentences that I will provide and to tell me in English about something that happened in his or her own life so that I can hear the accent in impromptu communication. The speaker may also be asked to respond constructively to my attempts or the attempts of others to speak in the local Texas accent. Recordings will be made of some or all of the session(s).

No audio editing is required, but you must have a webcam, a quiet place for a webchat and suitable equipment and bandwidth for HD Video web-conferencing (e.g. FaceTime, etc.). A headset or external mic is required if the quality of your built-in microphone is not high.

Recordings of your voice are *not* intended for broadcast, publication, scientific research or posting to an Internet archive for unrestricted public access. Rather, the recordings are meant to help non-local actors learn to sound like they are from your region.

By virtue of applying to this job, all applicants indicate their agreement that the content of the material I provide the contractor is strictly confidential, and agree, if hired, to treat such material as strictly confidential in perpetuity under the terms of the Upwork User Agreement. The applicant further agrees, if hired, to permit me to make copies of the recordings I make of the successful applicant for my students, for the people I coach, and for anyone else connected with my projects without restriction. All applicants also waive intellectual property rights, if any, in the recordings and their content which the freelancer agrees are a work-for-hire. Furthermore, the applicant agrees to keep his or her involvement with this project strictly confidential. The applicant may also be asked to sign standard hiring documents such as a Work-for-hire agreement and NDA.

In your cover letter, please state:

1. Where and how and where you learned English (and which dialect or sub-dialect, if any);
2. The download and upload speed of your internet (; and
3. When you are available (and the time zone).

Please apply only if you are available immediately. This job may take one to three hours over multiple sessions and may continue on for some months. There is likely to be additional work of this kind down the road.

Posted On: June 02, 2018 13:24 UTC
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