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I need someone to compile an Excel / Google sheet that lists pH levels of different cleansers / face washes. Here are two examples of what I'm looking for:

The spreadsheet should contain the following columns:

– Brand name
– Product name
– pH level
– Source (with link to the source where the information was found)

I need  you to find this information and fill the spreadsheet.

You can find this information online. Look for manufacturers' product information and tests people and companies have conducted. Reddit and beauty bloggers are a good source.

It is important that you credit the source where you find the information. That means adding a link to the page where you find the info into the spreadsheet. Entries without a source will not be accepted. Please do not just copy the spreadsheet found here: Look for other sources. Only use this if you can't find other sources. No more than 30% of the entries should use this spreadsheet as a source. More than that and I will not accept the work.

Please let me know your price per 100 entries. One entry consist of brand name, product name, pH level, link to the source. I will order these in 100 row increments. When it's all done, I would like the spreadsheet to include at least 500 entries.

Important! I'm only interested of face washes and soaps meant for cleansing the face.

Budget: $100

Posted On: June 01, 2018 12:25 UTC
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Country: Finland
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