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On Friday, February 1 we took a flight from Katmandu to Delhi on Air India.  

They checked our bags through on Jet Airways out of Delhi on Saturday Flight DL 7535 with a connection in Amsterdam DL 179 to PDX, USA.  

Unfortunately our luggage never arrived at PDX and Delta cannot find it.  Can you please help me?

Our friends were on the same flight and they are also missing their bags AI841472 and AI841473.  And we have two more friends that are also missing bags but I don't have their tag numbers.  So six bags in all did not make the trip from Katmandu onto our Jet Airways flight from Delhi to Amsterdam.

There was one more couple with us but they flew on KLM out of Delhi and their luggage arrived.  So I believe that the luggage was delivered by Air India to Delhi, but not taken by Jet Airways and is likely still in Delhi.

I am willing to pay someone to go to the Airport in Delhi and try and find our luggage.
Attached are the luggage tags issued by Air India in Katmandu.
I am offering to pay $100 if I get my two pieces of luggage back.

Budget: $100

Posted On: February 12, 2019 04:54 UTC
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