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We are looking for someone that can manage our facebook marketing, online social media presence, updating website content, Keyword video placement,

Marketing management with direct mail list maintenance tracking all kpi, pulling list and uploading to distributions, skiptracing thru provided database, tracking down returned postcards, pulling list for cold calls. email management, scraping data every now and then.

Making outbound calls for 3+ hours a day on a multiline dialer using scripts and a database for tracking. Must have experience in Podio, InvestorFuse.

Pulling leads from Craigslist, Zillow, Linkedin, Redfin and other useful sites as deemed necessary and as the marketplace shifts.

We are looking to contact the sellers within the first 30 seconds of their inquiry while they HOT before they move on to someone else and determining if they are a motivated seller with a house to sell and in need of us setting an appointment to go look at the house within the hour if possible.

Building a buyers list while putting in place and building and maintaining a constant and ever growing marketing campaign where we keep mailing to the same groups of people overr and over and over. While updating the list with the returned mail each week and updating the list every 3 months.

We are looking forward to building an ongoing long-term relationship.

Please provide a cover letter work experience and previous work relating to this.

Thank You


Posted On: June 01, 2018 04:44 UTC
Category: Admin Support > Personal / Virtual Assistant

Country: United States
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