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1. Basic order entry of credit card receipts, expenses, etc.
2. Reconciliation of bank account to QuickBooks
a. Automate bill payments for recurring charges
b. Automate receipt of payments from clients on MRR service agreements
i. Automatic alerts for contract expirations/renewals
3. Audit of early entries to discern where discrepancies are rooted
4. Quarterly availability to update records
5. Custom Branding
6. Inventory Tracking
7. Automate Account Receivable collection
a. Automate payment of commissions to sales staff if relevant
b. Integrate this into the quoting process
8. Automate payment of GST/PST on all relevant transactions

Customizations that we hope to accomplish, but are not limited to include the following:
1. TimeSheets integration for ease of invoicing
2. Integrate into vTiger ticketing system
3. Integrate with Expensify (receipt tracking, expense management)
4. Integrate supply management app, with potentially to automate in the future
5. Competency to integrate e.Commerce solution in the future
6. Feed inventory cost/margin data to vTiger for ease of quoting

Posted On: June 03, 2018 11:24 UTC
Category: Admin Support > Personal / Virtual Assistant

Country: Canada
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