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Search engines are an important avenue for both user acquisition, and company reputation / branding. We’ve recently moved from the domain to, which is not currently showing up in google results at all.

Users visiting are redirected to the new site, however this has not yet reflected in SEO Listings. There several important types of searches we would like to target, and ideally display as the first organic search result with appropriate sub pages/links shown on the SERP.
Brand (ie. people searching for Glamazon directly)
Consumer (people searching for at home beauty treatments)
General searches for relevant services to buy now
Interest searches for services they may want to buy in the future or new apps / tools they can use to make their life easier
Searches for services in their location (especially sydney, melbourne, and surrounding suburbs), for both a. and b.
Stylist (stylists searching for new customer acquisition channels, business management tools, and ways to improve their existing businesses
Investor / corporate relations (people searching for startups, technology companies etc.)

Looking for:
Keyword research
Competitor SEO and keyword analysis
Wordpress – We will supply you with the necessary credentials to access and modify the WordPress site. Please bear in mind this is a production site and should be treated with care – there is some element of trust in giving these to you in that:
URL Structure
Structured Data
Sitemap – We will require your advice on how best to improve / structure this.
Metadata / title / description tags
Backlinks – There are a variety of existing backlinks from third parties (mainly linking to the old site at These have been forwarded with 301 redirects in most cases, however we need you to check if they are all redirected to the appropriate page, and if any additional Nginx rules or modifications are needed to improve indexing and user experience when a user clicks on a link to the old site.
Organic listings -We would like to optimise for organic listings with an appropriate SERP as noted previously
React-web application
Routes – Please advise on appropriate URL routes we should use for the app ie.
Off-site links – Please advise how best to take advantage of third parties linking to us and how any redirection should work here.
3rd-party tools and platforms
Please advise what third party tools / platforms / technology we can use to optimise SEO, similar or better than
Google Analytics
Google Site Minder
Google Search Console
Google My Business / Knowledge graph
Google Mobile Usability
Ongoing reporting – There is a need for us to continually monitor how we are performing with regard to SEO, and how this can be improved over time. Please advise us what level of reporting / monitoring you can give and what form this would take.
Please advise what access we can give you here and how we can help you best optimise our SEO performance and what kind of SEO Auditing you can perform.

Please prepare a proposal, outlining
Which aspects of the above you can help us with
Which aspects of the above you can not help us with (and ideally referrals to people who may be able to)
Costs, timeframes, how many hours you would need both initially and an ongoing basis

Posted On: June 04, 2018 04:25 UTC
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