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Hi Social Media Experts!

We are a food-tech startup based in NYC and want to try out Influencer Marketing as a new customer acquisition and content generation channel.

We are looking for someone to run and scale our influencer marketing activities, working remotely, ca. 5-15 hours per week.

To pick the right person we will give a trial project to the top 3-4 applicants to this job post, to complete within a week. You can spend as little or as much time as you want on it, submit your answers as a simple e-mail or create a spreadsheet or presentation – as you wish. We will reward your submission with $25 and a chance to become our long-term, part-time, remote Influencer Marketing Manager.   

The trial task is to put together an Influencer Marketing Strategy for our service, which should cover:
What kind of influencers should we work with (following size, focus etc)), on which platforms (IG, FB etc), and how should we find them (direct outreach, influencer marketplace (which one?) etc)
What should the brief for influencers look like e.g. should they have to try our service? Include a discount in their post? etc.
How much would influencer marketing cost us (incl. costs for posts, influencer marketplace etc) and what ideas do you have to keep spend low?
How would you analyze/ evaluate posts and decide whether our influencer marketing strategy overall is successful?
Include explanations / reasons for your strategy choices.

Looking forward to start working with you!


Budget: $25

Posted On: June 03, 2018 00:37 UTC
Category: Sales & Marketing > SMM – Social Media Marketing

Skills: Influencer Marketing, Instagram Marketing
Country: Russia
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