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Hi there,

I’m looking for someone who can grow my instagram account through engagement on other accounts (commenting, liking, etc), building up engagement groups and looking for collab partners.

I think it would be great to start with about 2 hours per day and see what we can achieve with that.

Task Overview:
* engage on Instagram (liking, commenting, etc)
* answering comments (I try to do that as well)
* building relationship with other accounts
* getting educated in my space

* instagram experience

* Let's start with about 2 hours per day. It would be great if we can divide that up into segments throughout the day – so we don't get banned for liking to much. Also it would be great if you could consume some content to have the same mindset as I do.
* You can work whenever you want
* maybe we can expand that later to other social networks as well

Interested? All you have to do:
1. Answer the application questions
2. Write a SHORT summary about yourself (please keep it short and relevant​, no copy paste)
3. Start your application description with “I’m your Instagram Superstar”

If you have any questions, please let me know in the application so I can answer right away. I will try to filter the applications as soon as possible and give you feedback asap.

Posted On: June 04, 2018 10:54 UTC
Category: Sales & Marketing > SMM – Social Media Marketing

Skills: Instagram Marketing, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing
Country: Switzerland
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