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About me:

I facilitate retreats based on Step 4 of Alcoholics Anonymous.  They are/have been weekend long retreats.  I do not get any money for doing this, it is part of my recovery.

I am looking for an experienced social media marketer to create/build out a base for social media campaigns. By base I mean a web site and or Facebook/Instagram page(s) to then market off of.

So I need help with understanding what I need (website/pages), and how to use it (marketing campaigns).

The problem is that I can not make money at this.  The people it is aimed at do not have much or any $, so this will be low budget/easy to use stuff.  This is a project I do as part of my recovery.

Knowledge or basic understanding of 12 steps of AA or other A's helpful, but not imperative.

Project deliverables:
  – Advice on what to set up (website/pages)
  – Create engaging content to generate interest and virality for the site and future campaign

Skills this project requires:
  – Experience with setting up websites and maintaining them
  – Experience managing social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  – {​Other requirements such as industry knowledge, type of audience, language of audience}​

In your proposal, please share a brief summary of your experience, including examples of social media accounts previously created or managed.   this is the 2017 page.  Done this every January since 2012.  Thinking of branching out and doing more.

Posted On: February 12, 2019 20:05 UTC
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Country: United States
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