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Hi, we are looking for a developer to create a simple customer portal so that our customers can enter a physical street address and using the AAPT Frontierlink and Vocus'sAPI infrastructure, will return if the address had NBN available or DSL or nothing. AAPT's Frontierlink is the most important, Vocus's isn't as important as it should show the same info.

The lookup should also log a number against the lookup, eg 12345 that is given to the user to reference later. I or my staff should be able to enter this reference number and it should bring up the result of the earlier lookup.

Any example of a lookup would be:-
Customer enters 1 XYZed street suburb name NSW 2000 (should validate the address against Google MAP API to make sure the address is valid). Upon entering, or clicking submit, the user shouild be presented with results. eg
ID 12345
NBN Available Class 12 FTTN
DSL Available, speed upto 20Mbps/1Mbps
NBN Available Class 12 FTTN
DSLNot available
Documents and additional info on the API available upon request.

More info on AAPT's API (Vocus is very similar)
FrontierLink has been designed and built using the SOAP messaging protocol over HTTPS and the
exposed interfaces are described using WSDL.
The following sections describe the environment and the requirements for successful interactions with
FrontierLink. There are six steps required to set up your interface:
1. Obtain the WSDL and digital certificate for FrontierLink staging environment
2. Use the FrontierLink WSDL to build your web services client.
3. Verify connectivity and message formats against the AAPT staging environment, and complete
the certification process.
4. Upon completion of certification, you will receive the WSDL and digital certificate for FrontierLink
production environment
5. Deploy your client with Production certificate to connect to FrontierLink production environment.
6. Verify business rules and functionality by placing “trial” requests against the AAPT production

Both AAPT and Vocus's API environments have both a sandbox and live environment. Once going in the sandbox environment, it is easy to change over to the live environment.

Both AAPT and Vocus need to grant access to their environments, we would arrange this.

The resultant portal should be able to be hosted on a standard, low cost host, preferably, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, MySQL etc. If something like Node.js is required, we can accomodate that also if needed.

Budget: $200

Posted On: June 04, 2018 06:07 UTC
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Country: Australia
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