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I am interested in making a bot .

Currently my competitor sends out a link 24 hours before the new items on the website are released and the customer clicks on the link which takes them to his website and its there they purchase "one bot" for one chance at carting or purchasing one of the items. The main feature I want to have is the ability for my customer to fill out what they want and be able to not be online when the items release. I wanted to also see if it was available to have a feature where my customer could choose to purchase more than one items with one bot. So they would maybe select a few different items and amount to purchase up to 3 for example so basically the bot would cycle through and purchase one item at a time and has the potential of purchasing up to 3 items or more the customer would pre select the total amount they want to go for. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Also the parameters of the bot needed has changed a little bit. So instead of trying to cart and purchase multiple items on the website I want to focus on a bot that carts and automatically pays for 1 item and I want the bots success rate to be very high.

I want the bot to allow me to edit the items manually each week to allow me to modify items and sizes that will be in the next “release” on The bot would be purchased on the website you create for me. I would also need to know if the bot “succeeded “ or “failed” so that I can refund customers that purchased the bot and it did not work. Like I said before I want the focus to be on the bot and its success rate. One purchase of the bot will be good for one item in the release and needs to allow the customer to not be online at the time of the release to still work.

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Posted On: June 02, 2018 07:24 UTC
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