Build AWS IOT customer data portal – Upwork

We need a customer data portal created so customers can see the data we have stored in AWS IOT Analytics data sets.

This will be hosted on AWS itself and will need:
* A database for storing customer details (IOT data will be stored separately and storing it is not part of this job)

* A browseable and documented backend API which allows customers to fetch at least the following from a AWS IOT Analytics data set:
** A count of all their data
** A list of their devices
** A paginated list of all the data a specific device has returned
We're familiar with Django, but open to other options for the backend.

* Integration with recurly billing system – the API is not accessible unless their subscription is current

* A frontend (preferably using create-react-app) to use the above APIs to:
** List devices
** Show a simple line graph of data from a chosen device (user selectable)
** Manage their subscription (We'd suggest using Recurly's subscription pages for now)

Posted On: June 04, 2018 06:07 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development

Skills: Amazon EC2, AWS IoT Analytics, JavaScript, React.js, Web Design, Website Development
Country: Australia
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