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I need / want to change to a standard WORDPRESS theme. I have had my site up for over 5 years- good GOOGLE rank, SEO results but because of the way the guy coded it it has many backside issues so I want to switch to a common theme… He hard coded a LOT of stuff into the PHP…. Anyway….
I have very good google search ranking – in images especially — and do not want ANYTHING deleted, moved, etc… I want to know you read this and understand. If you reply and do not mention my saying this I will delete your copy n paste response  =)
I want to discuss how 'we' will manage the change , URL redirects, the whole bit.
I only want a developer that I can SPEAK TO ON THE PHONE ANYTIME. If this is not you – do not bother to reply !!
If you want to look at the site search for — solo skiff dot com—  
The site is VERY mobile friendly / responsive and will keep it such. I have not yet determined what WP theme I will purchase. The site will be a paralax type design, and one with good SEO ability, etc…
BTW, I designed the site, will design this one… provide PS comps etc… so you will not be doing it blind I assure you.

Posted On: June 29, 2018 13:28 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development

Country: United States
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