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Set-up a client payment system (PS) for both retail and institutional clients. Both PS should be connected to a "Registration" link. Once link is clicked, client will have the choice of selecting "Retail" or "Institutional". Once client picks one another screen should appear that asks client to choose subscription program.

For Retail Clients:

– Monthly subscription: $22.49 ($20.99 + $1.50 credit card fee)
– Quarterly subscription: $31.49 ($29.99 + $1.50 credit card fee)

For Institutional Clients:

– Quarterly subscription: $3,750
– Annual subscription: $10,000

Once client chooses subscription program, client must click on "Continue" which brings up a recurring payment system that asks for the following information in separate boxes (all fields are required):

* First Name
* Last Name
* email address
* Phone number
* Company (for Institutional Clients ONLY)
* Country
* Street Address (Address associated with credit card)
* State (Please use a drop down list, I will provide you with the content of the list)
* Zip Code or Postal Code
* Credit card number
* Expiration date
* Security Code (up to 4 numbers only)

The last 3-items may have to be separated for you to use Stripe. I must use Stripe so that I don't have access to the clients' credit card information.

Then, please display the amount to be charged then please display a message that reminds the client that the payment will be recurring every month or quarter for Retail clients and every quarter or year for Institutional clients, depending on which subscription the client chose.

Below this message, please provide a button that clients will click to submit the payment. The button should have the following words: "Authorize Payment".

Once the payment is verified and confirmed, please automatically send out two emails: One to me and another to the client. The one to me should provide all of the collected information except for the following three items: 1) the credit card information, 2) credit card expiration date, and 3) the credit card security code.

The email to the client should be a welcome message (I will provide this to you).

Then the client information (other than information associated with the credit card) should be reflected in a client database, including the date that the client signed-up for the subscription and the current expiration date (date that the subscription ends based on the current accepted payment). Every time the client's credit card is charged, if possible, the expiration date on the database should update automatically, if possible. If this is not possible then the expiration date should not be part of the databases. Desirably, the database should be split between Retail and Institutional clients; if not then the type of client should be the primary sort then Company for Institutional clients only, then last name then first name. However, I would like to sort according to original date of subscription, Company name (only for Institutional clients), Last name, and first name. I would also like to be able to sort according to country and state, then Company name (only for Institutional clients), Last name and first name.

On the website, we need to provide a link that allows clients to end their subscription. This should be displayed only when the client is logged in and should be located under an "Account Management" link. When clicked, it should display the collected information (other than credit card associated information) and a button that reads "End Subscription". If the client clicks on this button, a message asking to confirm the end of the subscription must be displayed like "Please confirm the end of your subscription:" Then a "Confirm Subscription End" button should be located below. If the client ends the subscription, the client information other than credit card information should be transferred to a "terminated subscriptions" database. If possible, the date of original subscription and the date of termination should be included. Please be mindful that should a client end the subscription in between renewable periods that the client's access to the members only portion of the website should continue until the end of the paid period.

I need to be able to decline a persons membership request, particularly after the person signs up. But I don't know how that can be accomplished, so I'm open to ideas. Also, I need to have the client information, other than credit card information, exported to Excel, including the subscription amount. less

Budget: $300

Posted On: June 01, 2018 21:44 UTC
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Skills: CSS, HTML, HTML5, PHP, Website Development, WordPress
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