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Looking for experienced developper to create delivery management system.
Looking for developper to apply best practices of coding and use current and up to date technology to build this.

1. Web interface that will serve as admin portal for delivery and customer management.
2. Will need a map page with live map showing drivers that are logged in real time current positions
3. Must show all the pins "from" and "to" for the deliver jobs on the map
4. Must show a list of the current jobs and future jobs on the map
5. Must have actions for each job: assign to driver, remove driver, complete job, cancel job, edit job.
6. Edit Job must be able to change date, time, from, to, item description.
7. Must have access to reporting. ( Ref Id, Job Id, Pick up location, Drop off location, Time create, time received, times accepted, times on-route, time complete, time cancelled, minutes from received to complete, Notes, Subtotal, Delivery Fee, Tax, Tips$, Tips%, Total amount, first name, last name, pick up phone, drop off phone). Driver work times ( how many hours drivers have been online and from what time until what time, Job type: Custom/Menu)
8. Reporting must be downloadable into .CSV
9. Must have job history page listing all the jobs with some information about each. ( Pick up, drop off, phone, name, items.
10. Must have a search bar on this page where we can search by: Customer Phone number, pick up phone number, name, drop off adress, pick up adress,
10. have customer list which is all the accounts created in the app.
11. When clicking on an account, we must be able to see customers orders.

Must Create driver app. Driver has log in credentials
1. driver receives job notifications.
2. driver can choose to accept jobs with accept button.
3. Driver is given detail about jobs in steps. ( 1st step: pick up adress, custom or menu, What is the order. Driver has link to open adress in GPS app. 2nd step: What is order 3rd step: If Custom order: Enter amount paid, 2nd time to confirm. This information is sent to payment processing for this transaction. 3rd step. What is delivery address with GPS link and complete button with signature or notes option.
4. Driver can choose to log pin or log off.

Budget: $4,000

Posted On: June 29, 2018 13:28 UTC
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Country: Canada
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